Subject Problem with Refresh

This is driving me crazy...I'm testing IBO but can't get past this error: I have a bunch of tables in wich I perform several operations; on the GUI I have a corresponding grid where the data gets shown. If I insert a row, it shows in the grid right every table, BUT ONE...the only way I can get the new record to show is to close and open the app.  I've compared components and properties to other ones that work, and still can't get this to work. Some insight on what I'm doing/using:

- Delphi XE7, Firebird 2.5.5

- Write data to table with ClientDataSet connected to an IBOQuery

- View data with a IBOQuery connected to a DevExpress grid

First I used components without transaction comps and everything worked fine...when I detected that the one table that I mentioned wasn't refreshing, put some TIB_Transaction components with isolation = tiCommited and AutoCommit = true. Still doesn't work...any ideas? any additional info you need to know I can provide.