Subject IBO 5.7.7 2340 is released.

I'm pleased to announce the newest release of IB Objects to all download areas.
For registered users, please go to and update your annual subscription if necessary. Thanks to all who continue to support IB Objects!

Here is an excerpt from the release notes about what has been done since the last release.

8/27/2015 Version 5.7.7 [Build 2340]


I added support for Delphi 10 Seattle.


I fixed an issue when in some cases using the OLD_ prefix on a parameter name could cause a parameter type mismatch.


Added ability to define a character set for the admin services components. I also fixed how it generates exceptions so that more information can be gleaned out of the exceptions it raises.


I fixed a painting bug in the TIB_Edit control when using buttons.


I fixed an issue in the TIB_Grid inplace edit OnKeyPress handling logic with FormatSettings and numeric entry.


Added ability to do OnTranslateString event more uniformly in the TIB_Export component.


Fixed problem when using EXECUTE PROCEDURE statement with the TIB_Import component. Also fixed an issue where it was possible to fail to import the last record if it wasn't terminated with a CRLF or an EOF marker.


I fixed an issue in TIBODataset that had the Bookmark property behaving differently when an insert or an append were cancelled. I also fixed a bug in how input parameters are handled. In a rare case it would give an exception of index out of range.


Started working on supporting the new InterBase XE7 change views feature. It isn't quite finished yet.