Subject Improve IBO Performance

We recently migrated a large project:

From: Delphi 6 and IBO 4.9.8

To: Delphi XE6 and IBO 5.7.5_2275

We realize, however, that the connection to the database and the SQL queries were much slower than before.

The major bottlenecks apparently appear to be:

1. The connection to the database;

2. The first SQL query after connecting to the database;

3. When running the Prepare() when a TIBOQuery has many TFields;

To illustrate a case, I did a procedure that compares a connection and executing a SQL query between the IBO and the FireDAC:

The result was:

   Before IBO Open Query: 6552 ms

   After IBO Open Query : 6739 ms

   Before FireDAC Open Query: 31 ms

   After FireDAC Open Query : 156 ms

Is there something I'm doing wrong or I can do to improve the performance of the IBO?