Subject IBO and XE7


We are currently migrating our large read only database software from Local Firebird Databases to Remote Interbase XE7 databases.

I can connect fine using FireDAC in our new projects but cant seem to connect our IBO driven ones to the remote server using the same connection string. Given that the development machine i use for these old applications had Delphi 2007 and Firebird 1.5 server installed i think IBO isnt finding the correct client library for IB XE7 even though its in the application folder. im guessing its hard coded somewhere. In fireDAC i simply change the vendor library for each application.

The XE7 server also has OTW encryption on so the connection string needs to have the client certificate file in it as well.

We are using IBO 4.8.4. This would save us a huge amount of time otherwise we would have to strip out all the IBO connections and querys, tables etc and replace them with FireDAC ones. im also much more used to IBO and feel more comfortable with it.

My FireDAC Connection string goes: (note we use port 4000 on the remote server, AppFolder is a string where the application directory name is held)

FDConnection1.Params.add(‘server=YOURSERVER/4000?ssl=true?serverPublicFile=”’+ AppFolder + ‘ibservercafile.pem”??’);








MyLink.VendorLib:=Appfolder + ‘gds32.dll’;


How can i do something similar with IBO that doesnt have a Vendor Library or server field?