Subject IBOTable and TDBEdit problem, using IBO4_9_14_b36i

Win7 x64, XE2, Firebird

I only program for my research app, which means I don't get back to the code or need to add or change features often.

Which means I return to almost "newbie" mode...

I've spent months trying to figure out why my XE2 DBEdits were returning to their default data (assigned from the datamodule IBOTable's OnNewRecord) and not allowing changes as soon as the _cursor exited_ those DBEdit boxes.

Finally, I've restored older archived versions of the key units, and now I can "edit" my DBEdits in my dialogs (that create a new Firebird row) as I have normally, since I began to adopt that basic design, as least as early as D3 Pro with BDE.

So, I still don't know why the DBEdits would suddenly not allow editing, only that to my (temporary) relief, restoring older code for the few relevant units (including the datamodule with IBO components and their respective XE2 Datasource components).

My only guess is that I may have altered some property for the relevant IBOTable component. The Datasource had not changed from allowing Autoedits, and its property had always listed the correct IBOTable.

But I have _No Clue_ if there is some property change for IBOTable that would suddenly prevent DBEdit changes from remaining after each respective DBEdit component's OnExit.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.