Subject RE: [IBO] Community site is being moved
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Carlos and all,

The community site has been back up for a while now thanks to Ann at taking on the hosting of my server app for me. Many thanks to
Ann for making this all come together so nicely.

My apologies to all for the period of outage. I was in the process of moving
not just my services but also where we live. We are all settled into our new
home. For the time being the bug tracker system is still down until I find a
new home for a machine to be colocated again. Or, I could just move the data
to a LINUX system if I find somewhere that will host the Mantis bug tracking


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Subject: [IBO] Community site is being moved

Jason is having problems to send emails.

He asked me to inform that the IBO Community site is temporarily
offline (it is being moved).

FireBase -

Posted by: "Carlos H. Cantu" <ibo@...>

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