Subject Problem with Field truncation
Author Robert Martin
Hi Jason

I have a client tool that has been in use for some time. Recently it
has come up with an overflow error. It was written in D2007 and IBO 4.9
something. I have converted it to XE2 and a newer version of IBO but the
issue is still present. I have tracked to to the following...

2 DBS, identical tables. PK is defined as Numeric(11)

There is a select on ON dbs table to get data and a parameterised insert
query on the other DB.


DB 1: SELECT Pk, field1 FROM tablea

DB 2: INSERT INTO tablea (Pk, Field1) VALUES (:Pk, Field1).

For a selected record where the value is 10078092 it get an overflow
error. Reducing the source value to 1 allows the record to go through.
It appears some internal IBO processing is mis detecting the field value.

I urgently need to resolve this for my client, any suggestions?