Subject Problem with persistent fields persistence !
Author Robert Martin

Let me being by saying, I have persistent fields. However sometimes you
just have to sue them. We have notice the following 'bug' with IBOs

With query component with an SQL select query:
1>Right click query component and select Fields Editor. Add persistent
fields (data, calculated, lookup either one doesn't matter).
2>Close Fields Editor and right click the query component again and
select Edit Query and then click the top right X button or the OK button
in the query editor screen. (Note the Cancel button won't clear the list)
3>Right click and select fields editor and note that the persistent
fields have gone.
4>If you don't open and save the persistent fields do save and work.

IBO is clearing the persistent fields every time it thinks a query has
changed. This is really dangerous as we frequently open queries look
and close. If we aren't careful to always click cancel we will have
lost our persistent fields and not noticed. I don't think IBO should
clear the fields AT ALL, even if the query does change. Delphi / IBO
always left the management of persistent fields to the user, If I have
gone and setup persistent fields and edit my table linking, why should I
loose all my fields !

Additionally while testing this issue I also discovered this...

a) Add persistent fields.
b) save .pas file. Close it in the editor and reopen.
c) persistent fields are still present
d) edit Query, and click ok. Persistent fields are gone and Delphi
shows that changes have been made and the .pas needs to be saved.
e) Close .pas WITHOUT saving. Re open and fields are gone anyway !

Not sure how IBO would achieve this feat so this one could be a Delphi
XE2 bug.

p.s. we are using the latest build of IBO and a slightly older version
(3 mths or so) and Delphi XE2. Both IBO versions suffer this issue.