Subject IBO 5.3.3 Build 1955 released

(Sorry for duplicate post, I neglected to make the first one a Special Notice.)




First off, I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014.

To get this year started off I have a new release of IBO 5.x.

Please see the release notes here for details.

Thanks to all for your support that makes it possible for me to make IBO my main source of income for my family so that I can be close to them and have the life of my dreams.

For those of you with current subscriptions, please go here and login so that you can download the latest.

Note: You only need to download the binary version if you are using a trial version of Delphi that does not enable the command-line compiler. Both the source and the binary files are full blown windows installers and its best to use the full sources.

The ibo5.3.3 installer still has your projects compile from binaries even if you install from the sources. If you want your projects to compile from the sources you have to run a batch file I've provided for that. Or, of course, you can set your project's SearchPath to the IBO sources as well. See the HowToInstall.rtf file in IBO's docs subfolder for more information in how you can specialize your installation.

For those who prefer to keep up with IBO on a more frequent basis, I do allow people who use Subversion to have read-only access to my primary development repository. If this is of interest to you please inquire privately to my email.

All the best,

Jason Wharton