Subject IBO 5.2.0 Build 8 has been released
Author kylixguru
This release contains several bug fixes and some new enhancements.

NOTE: I reworked the new FilterOptions fopInMemory option added in Build 7. If you adopted this in your projects you will need to read the release notes for how to adjust things to the way I have improved it.

For more details about this release please see the release notes:

If you are a registered customer with a current source access subscription you can go here to download this new release:

I also included a new version of IBO 4.9.14 in Build 60. It pretty much has all of the bug fixes and most of the enhancements that went into IBO 5.2.0 Build 8 included.

Thanks to everyone who assisted with isolating and reproducing bugs. Please remember I have an active bug tracking system here to report your bugs in directly:

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton