Subject IB_Memo & AutoDisplay
Author thomas_niegel
Hello together,

I have a problem using IB_memo.
When I start the program the memo field shows the name of the field like (FIELDNAME) instead of the content of that field.

I have no Idea how to show the content, manual or automatic.
If I use IB_text istead of the IB_memo the content is shown correct.

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Thank you

Here my setup:
Database: Firebird, 2.5
Databield: BLOB, subtype 1
Embarcadero® Delphi® XE2 Version 16.0.4358.45540
IBObjects: Evaluation Kit Version 5.0.2 26
used componentes: IB-Connection, IB_Query, IB_DataSource, IB_memo (AutoDisplay = true)