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Just to confirm, this issue has been resolved and will be in the next
sub-release I am currently working on. I would have had it out sooner but I
wanted to slip in a few more fixes and I have reworked the installation
routines so that I now will have 3 separate installers for Eval, Binary and


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Subject: [IBO] Re: IBO TIBOTable OnPostError event never fires

By way of follow-up:

Adding an OnUpdateError handler is not a viable workaround due to a couple
of issues:

1. TIBODataset.UpdateError passes a locally created exception with the same
text as the original but stripping out all other properties (specifically,
BaseException). This makes it impossible to identify the type of the
exception in the handler and respond accordingly.

2. Regardless of the value you assign to UpdateAction in your OnUpdateError
handler, once it returns TIB_DataSet.UpdateError will be called and as
before it will call HandleInternalException, resulting in the error dialog.

So it's quite broken and it means currently there's no way of handling
posting errors.


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