Subject RE: [IBO] TIBODataset field name in quotes
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There is a flag you can revert back to the older behavior.

You can see it getting set here:

UseSQLNameUnqualifiedInByNameLookup: boolean = false;
UseSQLNameUnqualifiedInByNameLookup: boolean = true;

Just set it back to true in your app.

However, I do recommend you learn how to cope with that setting.


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Subject: [IBO] TIBODataset field name in quotes

I have upgraded IBO components from version 4.9.11 into 5.2.07.
In version 4 everything works fine, but I have problem with version 5.
I used field names that started with numbers, such as 10CPI_ON. But after
upgrade when I use "inquery->Fields[i]->FieldName" fields with numbers
includes the quotes "10CPI_ON" instead of 10CPI_ON. I just want the names
without the quotes, like was before. Is there anyway to set this up this
Thanks for any help.


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