Subject RE: [IBO] RefreshRows on TIBOTable fails
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Do you mean that the app freezes up and you have to end task?

If possible, can you please provide a little sample app that shows this

Also, its possible that this issue could already be resolved in the more
recent version of IBO. If you would like to try and upgrade to the latest I
would be interested in knowing how it works for you.


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Subject: [IBO] RefreshRows on TIBOTable fails

We ported our project from IBO 4.8 to 4.9.14 Build 54.
(Using D7 and Firebird 2.5)

We converted our BLOB-fields to BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT or BINAIRY (for images).

Since this change some calls to TIBOTable.RefreshRows or .Locate keep on

Are there some setttings that need to be changed?

Many thanks in advance!


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