Subject RE: [IBO] [Jason] Little bug from IBO5 new relase.
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I'm not sure how this is happening as I am not getting it to duplicate.
Could I get more detail on how to duplicate this issue?

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] [Jason] Little bug from IBO5 new relase.

In my systems when autoconnection fail, I use LoginPrompt:=true until the
person login or exit. It´s run OK if connection is local or not.

After update to ibo5.2.0_b07, now if connection is local and
servername=''(empty), then Ibo put ":" starting path database name.
I know this because it´s showed in popup window when loginprompt:=true;

In my components, I put now :
if MyConn.Protocol:=cpLocal and MyConn.Server='' then
MyConn.Server:='localhost'; // to workaround bugfix in ibo5.2.0_b07

Always IBO put ServerName+":", instead try to not put ":" when ServerName is

Please Jason.

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