Subject RE: [IBO] Column has been unexpectedly deleted
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Will you please send me a sample app that demonstrates this problem?
At the least, will you please provide the SQL trace of this issue?

I suspect perhaps the Update SQL is not cleared and recalculated after the
DDL was executed.


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Subject: [IBO] Column has been unexpectedly deleted

Hi -

After dropping a column in a table (using TIB_DSQL. ExecuteDDL) and posting
to the table, I get this EIBO_ISCError

ISC ERROR CODE:335544865
ISC ERROR MESSAGE: Column has been unexpectedly deleted
STATEMENT: LogTable12.<no name>(TIBOInternalDataset)

What I don't understand is that my TIBOTable component doesn't refer to the
dropped field.

Before dropping the field, the table has been posted to, but in the mean
time it has been closed and the TIBOTable freed. The error arises in a newly
created TIBOTable component.

There must be some sort of caching going on, but looking at
TIBODatabase.SchemaCache.TableFields, the dropped field doesn't show up
here, and doing TIBODatabase.FlushSchemaCache or
TIBODatabase.SchemaCache.InvalidateAllItems doesn't help either.

The only thing that I've found to work is


I'd like to understand what's going on here :-)



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