Subject RE: [IBO] Fwd: IB_CheckBox and Color Scheme
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I compared the color handling code of various versions of IBO 3.x and it
appears to be the same today so I have not yet figured out why this is not
working as it should.

Can you help me dig into this more?

Do you have an older environment where it works?

Can you install the latest of IBO into that environment and see if it works
as well?

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] Fwd: IB_CheckBox and Color Scheme

IBO Version 4.9.14

Hi together,

I noticed that the color scheme functionality is not working with
In IBO V 3.0 it was working.

Any ideas to fix this ?


Gerhard Schober
DevCon Engineering
9490 Vaduz

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