Subject Re: "No overloaded Version can be called with these Arguments"
Author John W. (Jack) Cane
First let me try to transfer project options from old project to new, which may solve this. More to follow�tks.

from iMac

On Aug 12, 2013, at 11:28 PM, John W. (Jack) Cane <jwcane@...> wrote:

> Just rebuilt my app. The same module, which was compiling ok, is now generating the following error:
> IbObj_PrepareEx( qrRoster:tIboQuery, gCrmbr_Conn:TIB_Connection, gCrmbr_Tr:TIB_transaction, gCrmbr_Sess:TIB_Session ); -- cannot be called with these arguments
> Tried to search IBO source for this call�could not find. Although I may have an incorrect search/output path, everything else works, in this module of some 1,385 lines.
> Can anyone spot what is wrong with the argument types?
> Best,
> jwc
> from iMac

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