Subject IBO 5.3x BLOB compatability?

I'm maintaining an old program D6/FB2.5x. I upgraded from IBO 4.x to 5.3x.  Now when I open the program I get and error TIBOBlobField not found.  All the BLOB field are removed from the TIBOQRY and all the Datasouce values for that corresponding data source is gone.  I can add the BLOB field to the Qry and connect the Data source value and works fine till I try to reopen the project after saving and closing, then the BLOBS are lost again.


5.3x works if select a new IBODatabase, IBOQry and Datasource put them all on the same form it seems to work fine. If I use either old code or New code  if I put the IBODatabase on the Main form and the IBOQry and Datasource in  a DataModule I loose the BLOB fields.


 I did pay close attention to remove all the IBO4.x from the D6 environment as stated in the Readme file for installation.


Is 5.3x not backwards compatible? Is their other problems or Tricks I'm not aware of?  I scoured the site and google but came up empty.  Any suggestions or do you just revert to 4.x?


thanks in advance Jeff