Subject Exception on post of IBOTable
Author Joe
I have an application with several forms that have controls (mostly TDBEdit) bound to TIBOTable objects. I use a TDBNavigator to control insert/edit/post/etc.

We recently had a report from a customer of an intermittent problem, where if they edit a record (click edit button on DBNavigator), (they may actually edit data or not), then post the record (click on checkmark in the DBNavigator), they will sometime get an exception that says, "Invalid INSERT statement: No columns".

I AM able to reproduce this behavior, but I can't figure out what's going wrong. There is no code of my own involved in this. When I look at the call stack in BCB after getting the exception, it's all Borland and IBO methods.

This problem only occurs for one form. The other forms (which access other tables) work fine. And again, it doesn't always happen. I'm kind of confused about the exception message. I'm not sure why it's talking about an insert statement, when it seems to me that it should be an update (edited record).

Can anyone point me to what settings I might need to look at to try and fix this?