Subject Re: TIBOQuery.IB_TransForUpdate usage
Author ming
Hi All,

can i get simple sample for this new property called IB_TransForUpdates?

i want to test with master-detail in cascade update, how to efective


--- In, "Support List" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> Daniel,
> > I'm noticing a new property called IB_TransForUpdates. Does it mean
> > that I should be able to assign a read-only TIB_Transaction to the
> > IB_Transaction property and assign a read/write TIB_Transaction to the
> > IB_TransForUpdates? Or, do I have it wrong? Because when I try to
> > set it up that way, I can't edit a record.
> If you ignore that new property everything works the same as always.
> The purpose of this property is to give you an opportunity to have a
> distinct transaction for the updates to be handled through verses the
> operations to select data from the server.
> In the case Carlos mentioned, he uses it during cached updates in order to
> make it so that the updates are processed through a different isolation than
> the data is selected. By using isolation repeatable read your trigger and
> stored procedure execution will not be subjected to changes that could be
> occurring in other transactions. Thus, it provides an added level of
> assurance that things are being modified in exactly the manner desired.
> Hope this helps,
> Jason LeRoy Wharton