Subject Multiple instances of the same parameter
Author l_gilbert_fr
Hi all,

I have a little problem with a simple query where I use the same parameter two times.

My query looks like :

select * from T
where (:P1 > '' and T.F1 = :P1)
or (:P2 > '' and T.F1 = :P2)

T.F1 is defined as a VARCHAR(32)

This not my real query but just a stupid example to explain the problem :-):-)

If I prepare the query from the IBO query component, I show four parameters (2*P1 and 2*P2 in this case). The first P1 is a "text CHAR(0) /* cs=UTF8 */" and the second P1 is a "(vartext)VARCHAR(32) /* cs=NONE */

I get no error but it doesn't work if I set P1 to an existing value.

Any idea ?