Subject [IBO] Re: EIB_DatasetError: Dataset to update not found
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>IBOQuery2.SQL.Add('update <table with error set myCurrentFieldName = :myCurrentFieldName'); >IBOQuery2.SQL.Add('where ID = ' + IntToStr(IBOQuery1.FieldByName('ID').AsInteger));
>IBOQuery2.ParamByName(myCurrentFieldName).LoadFromFile(<blob_content_file>, ftBlob); IBOQuery2.ExecSQL;
>And it works without any problems.

Is ID defined as a Primary key? If so, IBO would normally figure out the required UPDATE statement (provided KeyLinksAutoDefine hasn't been set to false and KeyLinks is empty - I assume RequestLive is true and ReadOnly false). What if you explicitly set KeyLinks to ID, do the error still prevail?

I take it this is a 'standalone dataset', i.e. that DataSource doesn't have a value (I don't use TIBOQuery myself, and don't know if this could have an effect if you e.g. changed values for IBOQuery2 which was pointed to by DataSource1, which in turn was the DataSource of IBOQuery1)