Subject IBO 4.9.14 Build 50 released.
Author kylixguru
6/8/2012 Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 50]

I fixed an access violation when having the following type of query with two parameters of similar but different types that have the same name:

select *
from rdb$database
where cast(rdb$relation_id as integer) = :Param1
or cast(rdb$relation_id as decimal(9,2)) = :Param1

I also added some smarts to have a date only parameter and a timestamp parameter adjusted to both be of type timestamp when they are parameters of the same name. This is necessary so that they can be consolidated into a single parameter of the exact same type.

I fixed a problem in the TIBODataset feature to get the value for a column from the master dataset when inserting a record into a detail dataset. If you used the fully qualified fieldname in the WHERE clause instead of just the fieldname it would fail to recognize the proper value for linking them together.

I added a property to TIB_Dataset called UseReturningClause so that you can have control over whether or not the RETURNING clause will be used in the automatically generated DML statements when inserting and editing records. There are times when you won't want the extra overhead of this feature, such as when using the TIB_DataPump.

5/22/2012 Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 49]

I fixed the BLOB_ID invalid bug that happened in conjunction with using the IB_TransForUpdates property.