Subject Bugs: Strange behaviour: Primary Key field that filled with foreign key field value
Author Cipto
This subject will replace my old subject of "PK field that auto filled
with wrong generator value" because the value that wrong is not come from
generator value but from foreign key value.

I already upload an example Delphi 7 source code to reproduce that bug in
the files folder:

/Bug Testing Applications/IBO Bugs Cipto22May2012.rar

In that file there is 2 bugs that I want to reported, and for this subject
of email, the bugs is on the "Bugs 1" tabsheet.
I already put a little explanation on that source code.

Here is the little description about that bugs:
When you add a new record on the detail TIBOQuery (master-detail
relationship) then the primary key of the detail TIBOQuery will
automatically filled with the value from primary key of the master
TIBOQuery. This bugs is only happen if you using table alias in the SQL
query of the detail TIBOQuery.

The right behaviour is the primary key of the detail TIBOQuery should be
empty when I add a new record (while still in dsInsert condition) and the
foreign key of the detail TIBOQuery should be filled with the primary key of
that master.