Subject Re: Storing PDF into Firebird Blobs
Author Aage Johansen
Terry wrote:
Could you please give me an idea of how to use it. You mentioned
using a prepared DSQL component?

It is very close to using the query components.
Here, MYDSQL is a TIB_DSQL component, with connection and transaction
properties set.

MYDSQL.SQL.Text:='insert into MYTABLE '+
'( ID, PICT, ...) '+
'values '+
'(:ID,:PICT, ...)';
MYDSQL.Prepare; // No longer really necessary
MYDSQL.ParamByName('ID' ).AsInteger:= ... ;

If the picture arrives via a memorystream you can use

Totally untested, of course.
TIB_DSQL is not used if you want to return rows from the
operation. In a pinch you can get a single value, as with "select
count(*) from MYTABLE".

Jason wrote:
CreateBlobStream( ) is what you use.
I haven't actually use this myself.

Aage J.