Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Storing PDF into Firebird Blobs
Author Terry Black
Hi, thanks for the information. I am familiar with the TIB_Query component

DM.qrEIRA.close; {resort the table for idno, so record is at top}
DM.qrEIRA.SQL.Add('select * from EHO ORDER BY Idno DESC');;

or if you are using parameters

DM.qrEIRA.SQL.LoadFromFile(MemoPath + '\' + 'GroupLink.txt');
DM.qrEIRA.ParamByName('LINK').Value := GLink;

but I have never used the DSQL component before.
Could you please give me an idea of how to use it. You mentioned using a prepared DSQL component?


Terry Black
IT Manager
Northern Sydney Central Coast
Public Health Unit (Hornsby Office)

>>> Aage Johansen <aagjohan@...> 14/05/12 3:57 AM >>>
Terry wrote
Hi, I want to store PDF files into Firebird BLOBs. I assume that the
Blob would be Sub_type 0. I have had a look at some of the code used
in some earlier examples.
Do I have to use the TIB_Dataset>createBlobStream method?

Could someone please give me an example of the code I should use.

Lets assume I have a PDF file at c:\xyz.pdf how would I read this into a blob?

With a prepared DSQL component you can use somethinglike:

Aage J.

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