Subject IBO 4.9.14 Build 48 released.
Author kylixguru
5/11/2012 Version 4.9.14 [Build 48]

I fixed the BLOB_ID invalid bug by identifying temporary blob id's and loading them in immediately. This could cause an apparent performance degradation as the overhead to get the blob data will happen right along with the fetch operation.

I fixed an issue where the NativeCharLen wasn't getting set just right and if your database was a multi-byte character set then it could have affected you. Where this showed up was in the IB_SQL tool if you went to edit a stored procedure the CHAR and VARCHAR lengths were multiplied too long instead of properly reflecting the character length instead of the byte length.

Carlos Cantu added a feature to the IBF_Monitor form so that it would AutoScroll.

I added some additional data points to the SQL monitor output.

I fixed an AV in the TIB_CtrlGrid control.