Subject IBO 4.9.14 Build 46 released.
Author kylixguru

I just put out a new release. Please see the release notes below for details of what has been done recently.

Jason Wharton

3/30/2012 Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 46]

I added a check to make sure the datapump takes the character set into consideration when determining if columns should have direct buffer reading/writing or if there needs to be transliteration between them.

I reworked the logic to make sure there was an efficient and accurate way to relate a TField to its corresponding internal TIB_Column object. There were some cases where you could get an "Unexpected column alignment" error that was actually not really a problem.

I added a global flag to the TIBODataset handling called StripDoubleQuotesFromFieldNames so that if you do not want to bother with double quotes around your TField.FieldName property values, you can set this flag to true.

I fixed the problem where the DDL extract utility was including RDB$ADMIN as a ROLE. This is a system generated role that should not be appearing in the DDL output of the database extract.

I enhanced the Metadata extract utility to include the SUSPEND token in the body of the procedures whne using CodePass cpAuto so that there won't be errors due to those procedures not being select procs.

3/28/2012 Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 45]

I fixed a bug in the Screen.Cursor handling to respect the YieldLevel properly and to be more robust when you are changing the YieldCursor from one value to another. It would get thrown off if you changed it midstream. Now, if you change it the Screen.Cursor is changed immediately if it is currently in effect so that it won't neglect to set it back to default.

I fixed a bug in the handling of field names that have special characters. I was hard coded to decode them as UNICODE_FSS when I should be decoding them as whatever the connection character set is. This caused an "Unexpected column alignment" assertion check to fail when it should not have failed.

I finished up the fix in Build 44 having to do with Blob columns.

I added the GetServerDefaults property to the IB_Query editor.

I added handling for USER and CURRENT_USER if they are a server default value.

I added a check when working with Blob columns and TDataset so that if you are using them in write mode it will check for an edit state and raise a proper exception instead of crashing on an access violation.