Subject How to setup IB_Validation for GFIX operation and output?
Author Chuck Belanger

Recently, I had a user DB that would not restore correctly, but
otherwise seemed to operate properly. I used GFIX from within IBExpert
and sure enough there were some DB errors. I fixed those then did a MEND
and everything was fine. I could not detect any loss of data.

I notice that IBObjects has a component that seems to access GFIX
(IB_Validation, I think). Any code samples you can direct me to to set
this up? I am assuming I could output to a TMemo or something like that.
All the Validation options are right there in the component. It looks
exactly what I was looking for.

Yeah, I tried a couple of pieces of code I got off the internet to wrap
around GFIX, but they just would not work. Also the ">" directive in the
command console of GFIX just did not work.

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger