Subject Re: [IBO] How to sort a column by it's lookup values?
Author patrick_marten
Hi Jason,

> I do not have a built-in way to do a dataset record ordering override.
> IBO is more of a server-centric architecture. If you are using an IBOQuery
> you may be able to take the data from your query and push it into a
> TClientDataset or some other flavor of a TDataset based in-memory dataset
> that has such capabilities in it.

The need to sort via the DataSet appears when not all records (100.000 or more) are loaded by a grid component because of the performance. I've tried to work with some in-memory datasets, but this means that all records have to be loaded, which then requires some time and that's was the reason to sort via the dataset in the first place. So unfortunatelly this seems to be not very practicable for my purpose.

> The ability to do this is one of my higher priority feature additions and
> your request here heightens my motivation to go ahead and introduce a means
> for this to be accomplished.

That sounds very good. I'm looking forward to see this feature implemented!