Subject Re: [IBO] How to sort a column by it's lookup values?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>>In some cases I can't use the sorting features of the grid and have to do it
>>on the dataset level. This works for "normal" columns, but it doesn't for
>>the said column, because the dataset (IBOQuery) doesn't know anything about
>>the captions and only knows the integer values.
>>Is there a way to sort the dataset based on the captions instead of IDs?
>I do not have a built-in way to do a dataset record ordering override.
>The ability to do this is one of my higher priority feature additions and
>your request here heightens my motivation to go ahead and introduce a means
>for this to be accomplished.

I remember once wanting something similar in a TIB_Query. Before storing some data, we obfuscate the values. 'De-obfuscating' (clarifying?) them in OnGetDisplayText/OnGetEditText worked very well, but I simply gave up ordering on the displayed values (though for that particular program it would have been a 'nice to have' feature, and not all too important).