Subject Bugs in design time when Generate Edit SQL & Insert SQL
Author Cipto KH

I already uploaded file Cipto-IBO Bug 06Des12.rar in yahoogroups Files > Bug Testing Applications.
I use Delphi 7, Firebird 2.1.5, IBO 4.9.14 52

Bug is happen in design time when I want to Generate Edit SQL and Generate Insert SQL in IBOQuery component.
The script to create the tables is already in the uploaded file.

The query is like this:

select, d.idTbPOM, d.idTbPRD
, rd.idTbBarang, rd.qty, rd.satuan, rd.qtyKecil, rd.keterangan
join tbPRD rd on

I think IBO is failed to translate the "d" table alias for tbPOD because the field from tbPRD are also included in the Edit SQL & Insert SQL of tbPOD table.
The comment to reproduce this bug also included in the Delphi source.


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