Subject Re: [IBO] Real Stumper of an error, Please help.
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Ok, so what should I do?
> I requested the DL URL for Trace Manager Lite.

Got in touch with you so that we can play with the full version for a
limited time period for some kind of proof-of-concept.

> Would the IB_Monitor component still work for this? If so, still need
> help with TIB_LogFiles use with it.

That's IBO specific and it isn't related to the Trace API, but in the
mean-time, still worth to be investigated.

> I am currently deploying FB 2.5.0, not 2.5.2.

Bettern than 2.5.1 in respect to the Trace API.

> I could upgrade my local computer to 2.5.2 for the log_error capability
> if you think that would help.

We might be able to catch something without the log_errors configuration
parameter, but 2.5.2 got quite some stability enhancements. The key is,
we have to attach to the Firebird server via the Trace API, thus an
upgrade won't help if we can't reproduce the problem locally.


> Thanks, again,
> Chuck
>> Thomas,
>> This would be great as I would love to learn better how to use the
>> enhancements you put into the iboAdmin components to use FB's trace API.
>> Jason
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>> Subject: Re: [IBO] Real Stumper of an error, Please help.
>>> By "trace" I meant while in Delphi IDE, line by line looking at the
>>> changes.
>>> Now, Jason has me using his IB_Monitor to "trace" the actual API, etc,
>>> calls to see exactly what is going on. Still trying to put that
>>> together, then I will be uploading the log file for this issue, assuming
>>> I can't figure it out for myself (which is a HIGH probability!)
>>> I am using FB 2.5, so would its "trace" process help me here?
>> I think so, yes.
>> You should get the offending statement, which failed due to the
>> constraint violation, in combination with logging the exception message
>> via the "log_errors" trace configuration parameter (log_erros is
>> available in Firebird 2.5.2) for the failed statement, you should be
>> able to shed some light on your issue.
>> I would be happy to guide you through the initial steps with the Trace
>> API and our FB TraceManager, if you like.
>> I hope this is fine for you Jason?
>> Regards,
>> Thomas