Subject Real Stumper of an error, Please help.
Author Chuck Belanger

Using Delphi XE2, Win7-64, IBO 5.2 (latest update from Jason)

I am using two IB_Queries to move data between two identical tables from
two DBs. It is a part of an DB update routine which updates/adds new
data from a master DB that is distributed to numerous users. It is a
desktop application used in clinics. Not all clinics are hooked up to
the internet, so forget the idea of using an internet based solution :)
Plus, the patient data HIPPA issues.

I am getting the following error:
"Violation of PK pk_cv_table_columns on table CV_Table_Columns"

Here's the stumper:

This is on a post of a series of individual field edits. No Append, no
The fields actually edited do not include the PK, CV_Column_ID.
The process works fine on other records of the same exact structure
included in the dataset and in many cases the same exact data (because
the data can be repetitive).
I have looked at the data in a trace and in IBExpert browser. Nothing
looks amiss.
In fact, the edit update, is not actually changing any data for this
specific record, i.e. the field data is identical for both tables being
pumped/updated. I have looked at the field values during a trace.
This error comes up for this exact same record being edited across more
than one DB.

This is part of a very large routine to update users' DB and is stopping
the entire process from finishing.

I would appreciate any help or direction on what to look at.

Thank you!
Chuck Belanger