Subject Re: [IBO] Real Stumper of an error, Please help.
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> By "trace" I meant while in Delphi IDE, line by line looking at the
> changes.
> Now, Jason has me using his IB_Monitor to "trace" the actual API, etc,
> calls to see exactly what is going on. Still trying to put that
> together, then I will be uploading the log file for this issue, assuming
> I can't figure it out for myself (which is a HIGH probability!)
> I am using FB 2.5, so would its "trace" process help me here?

I think so, yes.

You should get the offending statement, which failed due to the
constraint violation, in combination with logging the exception message
via the "log_errors" trace configuration parameter (log_erros is
available in Firebird 2.5.2) for the failed statement, you should be
able to shed some light on your issue.

I would be happy to guide you through the initial steps with the Trace
API and our FB TraceManager, if you like.

I hope this is fine for you Jason?