Subject Re: [IBO] Real Stumper of an error, Please help.
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Using Delphi XE2, Win7-64, IBO 5.2 (latest update from Jason)
> I am using two IB_Queries to move data between two identical tables from
> two DBs. It is a part of an DB update routine which updates/adds new
> data from a master DB that is distributed to numerous users. It is a
> desktop application used in clinics. Not all clinics are hooked up to
> the internet, so forget the idea of using an internet based solution :)
> Plus, the patient data HIPPA issues.
> I am getting the following error:
> "Violation of PK pk_cv_table_columns on table CV_Table_Columns"
> Here's the stumper:
> This is on a post of a series of individual field edits. No Append, no
> insert.
> The fields actually edited do not include the PK, CV_Column_ID.
> The process works fine on other records of the same exact structure
> included in the dataset and in many cases the same exact data (because
> the data can be repetitive).
> I have looked at the data in a trace and in IBExpert browser. Nothing
> looks amiss.
> In fact, the edit update, is not actually changing any data for this
> specific record, i.e. the field data is identical for both tables being
> pumped/updated. I have looked at the field values during a trace.
> This error comes up for this exact same record being edited across more
> than one DB.
> This is part of a very large routine to update users' DB and is stopping
> the entire process from finishing.
> I would appreciate any help or direction on what to look at.

By "trace" mentioned above, do you mean via the Firebird 2.5 Trace API?