Subject Question about Screen.Cursor and IB_Session(Porps).UseCursor
Author patrick_marten

I use to control Screen.Cursor myself, but have often the problem, that IBO components change the cursor on their own.

For instance IB_Connection.Disconnect seems to set it to crDefault.

I remember having read several release notes with some changes on the handling of the screen cursor and I believe to remember, that the property "UseCursor" of an IB_Session / IB_SessionProps plays a role here.

I don't remember why, but in my application I only have an IB_SessionProps on my main datamodule, although I can't be assigned to anything. I don't have an IB_Session on it. So the first question is, is that "wrong" / "bad" in general? Everything seems to work fine, but I wonder if there could be some hidden issues with that. Also I don't really know, what the purpose of an IB_SessionProps is. I would think it's there to predefine the properties of all sessions within the application or something like that, but not sure.

However: UseCursor is set to false, but still I see some flickering when connecting to / disconnecting from several databases in a loop. And as I said: Disconnect seems to set the cursor to crDefault. There are probably other examples to, as the cursor seems to be set back several times within my routine. I also tried to use an IB_Session with UseCursor set to false and to assign it to my IB_Connection, but nothing has changed.

What is the proper way not to allow IBO to control the screen cursor?

Best regards,