Subject Is there any IBO equivalent to ClientDataset's SavePoint?
Author masonwheeler
If I'm doing data editing through the UI, the user might want to apply his changes, or cancel them. And some changes might require a secondary form, which would again be applied or canceled, as the user chooses.

If I was using DBX, I would simply use the SavePoint property on my datasets to manage this. It tracks changes and I can roll them back to any arbitrary point.

With IBO, the only thing I can find is to use a transaction, but then I can only roll back to *one* point, the point at which I started the transaction. I can't roll back to a point partway through the changes made since I started the current transaction, which is necessary for multiple-level UI editing.

Is there anything I'm missing, where I can use a SavePoint type thing under IBO, without having to use a Provider to load the whole thing into a ClientDataset to get access to a SavePoint?