Subject RE: [IBO] Stack Overflow in Delphi 5
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Ok, I was able to debug using a very primitive methodology of calling
ShowMessage() inside of suspected code until I got it figured out. There is
something that caused Delphi 5 object inspector to try and get the value for
DefaultTransaction when it was already in the process of getting the value
for DefaultTransaction. This was suspected because I didn't get the problem
with the IB_Database or IBODatabase components. Therefore I knew it had to
be impacted by a difference between these and the TIB_Connection component.

Anyway, I think I've got this issue sorted out now so Delphi 5 support shall
remain viable with IBO 4.9.14.

Jason LeRoy Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Stack Overflow in Delphi 5
> For some reason I'm getting a stack overflow in the IDE and crashing with
> Delphi 5. I thought I made my way through the issues I was facing but
> something else is still biting me. Would anyone be able to help get ideas
> on
> this? I'm hoping to get out a totally tested and proven out release of IBO
> 4.9.14 so that I can start focusing more on the IBO 5.x release that I
> plan
> to get the 64-bit compiler support finished in.
> Thanks,
> Jason