Subject BuilderXE progress
Author Lester Caine
Finally starting to get a handle on this. My setup has evolved a lot since I
last did any heavy C++ coding, and not having applied every update since BCB6
there are a lot of things changed at each stage which just added to the
'learning curve'. Now I've got my hg dvcs system running fairly reliably into
BuilderXE and am building a crib sheet of fixes to bring the old code up to
date, I've actually managed to move some of the modules forward, and have them
running FB.5 on W7. Still need to soaktest as the niggles with the older code on
FB2.5 require a multi-user load to trigger, but things are starting to look good.

The BuilderXE projects fir IBO seem to be stable, but as with the previous BCB6
set, local defaults mess things up. I've moved to what seems to be the default
directory setup for BXE so the project files should work for others, but I still
need to do a little more testing on things other then just using the sub-set of
components I normally rely on.

kbmmemtable has gone, and I should probably move that to the IBO version, but
JVCL library has been used as my base for a number of years, and I now have that
on the XE IDE.

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