Subject Re: [IBO] [Jason] Fail to prepare sentence in all my queries after update to IBO 4.9.14
Author hamacker
Unfortunately, as same problem with or without ';'.

But I discover a new bug :

MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER DELMICE PASSWORD ''delmice'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER EDERSON PASSWORD ''ederson'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER EDNA PASSWORD ''edna'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER ELAINE PASSWORD ''elaine'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER ELIANA PASSWORD ''eliana'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER ERIKA PASSWORD ''erika'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER FABIO PASSWORD ''fabio'';');
MyScript.SQL.Add('CREATE USER FERREIRA PASSWORD ''ferreira'';');
on e:exception do
ErrorLog('Erro ao criar/remover logins f�sicos

No error, but only first user is created, ie. only first line are executed
and all others ignored.
I try copy/paste into IBExpert and run fine.
I test with GRANT with many lines and all lines are executed, very
strange, apparently when CREATE USER statment is used only first line will
be executed.
Why ?

2011/9/1 hamacker <sirhamacker@...>

> I will try...let me se...
> 2011/9/1 Woody <woody-tmw@...>
>> **
>> From: "hamacker" <sirhamacker@...>
>> Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 11:46 AM
>> To: <>
>> Subject: Re: [IBO] [Jason] Fail to prepare sentence in all my queries
>> after
>> update to IBO 4.9.14
>> > Well, before I used IB_Query.ExecSQL for insert/update/detete
>> > or IB_Query.Execute for execute procedure...
>> > I use TIB_Script only when I have two or more sentences separate by ";".
>> >
>> > To new applications I can change that to a new method, but all current
>> > applications is more fast use IB_Query.ExecuteDDL(m.sql.text) for
>> > insert/update/delete.
>> >
>> > Just would like to know, if it�s a bug or not on this new version.
>> >
>> > As you say, this new version change old ways.
>> >
>> Have you tried removing the ending semi-colon from a single statement
>> query
>> to see if it's somehow interpreting more than it needs to?
>> Woody (TMW)

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