Subject RE: [IBO] what co-related component IBOSecurityService to retrieve fb users.
Author Support List
> I have a job that I need to convert Interbase componetns to IBObjects,
> but
> that function to retrieve all fb users I dont know co-related function.
> IBOSecurityService1.Active:=true;
> IBOSecurityService1.DisplayUsers;
> for n:=0 to (IBOSecurityService1.UserInfoCount-1) do
> begin
> sUserName:=IBOSecurityService1.UserInfo[n].UserName;
> Result.Add(sUsername);
> end;
> How can I list users (not connect users, but all users without gsec) using
> IBObjects ?
> I can not find any co-related component in IBO.
> Any help will be welcome.

There is the IBOAdmin components that are on SourceForge.
Do a search for a link.
You could also get the beta of IBO 5.x that includes them.