Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Trouble with Insert Into
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:58 AM 16/08/2011, squidsrus85 wrote:

>I have used mailing lists before and found them pretty useless in the scheme of things. You have to search through digests of mixed old and new postings. Also as I said, it is a post and wait thing.
>A great example of not using a list was my experience ov the past two or three days on this group. I was able to post multipl questions and get dozens of replies.

Firebird-support is a Yahoo group exactly like this one.

>I fail to see why Firebird can't have a yahoo group similar to this one.

About half of our lists are yahoo groups. The other half are Sourceforge lists that work in a similar fashion to yahoo groups. On any of our lists, your first posting after subscribing will be moderated.

>However after struggling with some useless error messages I am fast getting the impression that the Firebird family et al, like to cling to the seeming "magic" of programming. It harks back to the old days when programmers liked to pretend they were a race/breed apart from the normal Man. They "understood" magic.

I wonder what you were trying...I manage all the lists and I haven't seen any sign of your trying to sign up for any other lists.

Have you visited the Firebird website at all?