Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Trouble with Insert Into
Author Lester Caine
squidsrus85 wrote:
> I had also looked at FlameRobin but it was even more cryptic than IB_SQL.
Since Flamerobin has all of the tools one could need, I fail to understand why
you have a problem with it. IB_SQL adds a few more useful extensions such as the
data pump between databases, but for managing the structure of a database,
Flamerobin is great, and provides tools that IB_SQL does not for creating tables
and editing them. So what was the problem?

The main problem you are probably hitting is that Firebird is purely a
workhorse, you need other tools if you are wanting a graphical interface into
it. Many users are happier with 'command line' type access and just write SQL
scripts directly which IS more cryptic.

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