Subject Re: Trouble with Insert Into
Author squidsrus85
Thanks Markus and Helen,

I had tried IB_SQL, it came in the install package and a shortcut put on the desktop, but it was way too esoteric for a newbie to SQL. I didn't know what was needed in an SQL database and IBExpert and to some degree IBConsole take care of a lot of the background work.

I think the fact that IB_SQL is closer to the work-face is the single reason that is was too complex for a newbie. I have just taken another look and it now seems a lot less daunting now that I am armed with more knowledge of how things go together.

I suppose I should have done a course in SQL before embarking on using FB, but this is a hobby and not a vocation so I just threw myself into using it.

Given this latest attempt at understanding it, I am now much more comfortable with it. I suspect that is largely as a result of you guys and IBObjects. IBOjects has removed a lot of work in getting me to this position. Many thanks to Jason for providing all the work he has put into it. The more I look at IBObject components and controls the more brilliant stuff I find.

My chore for today is to transfer data from a DBF file to a FB file. I could probably find a pump to do it, but I am going to code it for the practice and knowledge-gain.

This could get interesting as some of the fields in the DBF are encrypted passwords. Keeping them encrypted in the FB table, but displaying them unencrypted at run-time has me a little puzzled at the moment, but I am sure I will figure it out. :-)

Prepare yourselves for a barrage of questions!! LOL

Is there an active group for FB? I know there is a Mail List but that is cumbersome to use with the post and wait.

Yesterday I struggled with deleting records that had an empty AutoInc field. I didn't know that I needed to set a Trigger for the Generator, so the first few records had no AutoInc value. With no value, I finally figured out that the Generator needed to be Triggered.

I tried Delete Where AutoIncField = null, 0 and '' but all were ignored. I finally changed data in another field in all of the records that had an AutoInc and was then able to Delete Where AutoIncField = null

It would have been good to be able to go to an FB SQL group and ask how to do it. I have some other questions on why things are done the way they are in SQL. I like to understand why I am doing stuff as well as learning what to do.