Subject RE: [IBO] IBO 4.9.14(12) and Delphi 5 crashes
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> I am locked into D5 (retired-fixed income, programming as a hobby) and
> would be happy to try and dig through this for you.
> I am using 4.9.9 but happy to install and try and subsequent versions and
> then do some slow stepping. {grin} I am new to Firebird and IBObjects, but
> have been programming in Borland Pascal since Turbo pascal 2.2.
> Can you give me a link to earlier versions?

I think Geoff's idea is right on target with regard to some of the casting I
am doing with strings now that I wasn't doing before. Let me try and work on
that a bit to see if that will resolve things before I go to all the effort
to set you up. It shouldn't be difficult to address with compiler

Jason LeRoy Wharton