Subject RE: [IBO] Generator not incrementing
Author Kevin Stanton
I have the same exact thing going on. My customers occasionally call and
report order numbers (a generator) being reissued. A couple have called in
the last couple of weeks - this is a pretty serious problem that I need to
figure out.

I'm to the point of when the order number is issued, check the order system
for existence and keep getting order numbers until if find one that does not

I'm using FB 1.56 and a very old version of IBO.

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Of Ed Dressel
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 3:31 PM
Subject: [IBO] Generator not incrementing

FB 1.56 embedded, IBO 4.9.9

My co musters have seen the symptoms of a FB generator not incrementing for
years (throwing a primary key exception), I've just never been able to
isolate it. Finally, I am seeing it.

I have a TIBODatabase (FIBConn) wit ht the following LOC:

result := FIBConn.Gen_ID('GEN_GROUP_ID', 1);

Now, when I run this code in my app, I can see it assigned a 3, then 4, then
5... If I stop my app and re-run it, it starts at 3 again, and this throws
an exception.

AFAICR generators should always increase unless there is a serious system

Has anyone else seen a problem like this? What can I do to avoid it?

Ed Dressel

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