Subject Re: [IBO] Generator not incrementing
Author Ed Dressel
> What does FlameRobin say the value of the generator is?

IB Expert says the value was not incremented.

> Something else is going on if you are not getting a
> clean incremented list, generators are outside
> transaction control so HAVE to increment ...

I thought I should be able to end-task right after getting a generator ID and the generator should have already been incremented. But not with the embedded version.

I have seen this on customer's machines and have had to put in custom code for generators. Now that I have isolated it.

FTR, I ran it through the transaction commit and the value was still not incremented if I end-task Delphi.

The generator is incremented as long as I don't end-task from within Delphi (mimicking a critical failure). Calling "Halt" did not cause the problem.

I have the same problem with other generators.

**I moved away from FB Embedded and went to the server version and the problem went away.**

I created a small D2007 demo.

To reproduce the problem, run the demo app (it has it's own database) in embedded mode (the 1.5.6 DLL is included). Click on the "Increment Generator" button. Then click on "End Task" which calls the exception. Re-run the demo and (at least for me) the generator is not incremented.

I would appreciate any comments. I have thousands of users and occasionally one of them has a critical failure. This creates a support nightmare for me.

Ed Dressel

Ed Dressel