Subject Help to install IBObjects
Author nnoemiez
Hello IBObjects members!

First thank you for your help!

I'm new in Delphi 7, and in the use of IBObject as well!

I need to try the object TIB_OleContainer but I didn't manage to install it!

I downloaded the evaluation kit in the link :

I execute the exe file, everything is fine.
This has created a new file C:\IBO4

In the instruction of installation it is written to check the library path, it includes $(DELPHI)\projects\bpl; and c:\ibo4

From what I understood from instructions of installation, I have to build IBO packages.
I begin with IBOCDT_D7.dpk, I click on "Compile" and I get the following error:
fatal error, IB_Session.pas(848);file not found:'IB_Components.dcu'

I'm not sure I do things correctly...
How can I make this TIB_OleContainer work?

Thank you very very much for your help, It's a long time that I try this installation.